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Agency is the ultimate relationship that Qestoud can forge with its customers, in which we help you import from or export to China as the local Importer of Record (IOR) or Exporter of Record (EOR).

In practice, many occasions necessitate involving an agent in your transactions. For example, there might be a market for your products in China, and you want to try it. At the same time, you are aware of some uncertainties or risks. That is, the opportunity does not justify the establishment of a new entity on Chinese territory. Then you will need an IOR to help you import the products into China simply because you are not qualified to do so. The situation applies to export from China as well, where you need an EOR to help fulfill the required formalities.

A legitimate IOR/EOR should be a China based legal person who has properly registered itself with a number of regulatory bodies such as Customs, Quarantine, and Tax authorities, and possesses the valid licenses and certificates for conducting import & export business.

The essence of having a local agent is reflected not only in logistic aspect such as Customs and Quarantine procedures but also in the cross-border movement of funds. For instance, foreign exchange is rigorously controlled in China, and authorities would scrutinize each and every transaction of your business for defects or potential violations. That means you may not be able to settle your payables or receivables because of trade compliance issues.

As globalization proceeds, China is further integrated into world economy. China’s foreign trade keeps growing in both volume and complexity. In addition to general trade, many other trade patterns are widely used in reality. Most of the time, agency service plays an important role in these patterns:

Registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Questoud is qualified to conduct import & export business, and eligible for the preferential trade policies applied exclusively in the Free Trade Zone. As a competent trade agent, we facilitate your China business by helping you control risks, improve efficiency, and save costs.

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